Overview of the application of china's film capacitors in the field of new energy 2021 Share

How do  film capacitors get a place in the new energy field?

With the Chinese government's carbon, people have more improved attention to the new energy market. The capacitor is an indispensable electronic component in the circuit system, which is widely used in the field of power and electronics. The film capacitors are characterized by the characteristics of high rated voltage, long life cycle, non-polarity, etc. Get people's attention. According to the plan, China's 2025 new energy vehicle sales accounts for 20%, meaning that in 2025 new energy vehicles will exceed 5 million. After 2021, the capacity of photovoltaic and wind power will also be expanded in 45 gW and 50GW, respectively. The expansion of the new energy market will drive the growth of thin film capacitors.


1)The downstream application field of thin film capacitors has gradually increased, and the proportion of various fields continues to change, and the new energy cars will become an important driving force for the growth of thin film capacitance market.
In 2000, the film capacitor market focused on home appliances, but with the rise of other emerging applications, the proportion of home electricity market gradually narrowed. After 2017, the industrial and control area became the main market of thin film capacitors, and new infrastructure became the main force to promote the development of thin film capacitors. As new energy electric vehicles have gradually improved, new energy vehicles will become an important driving force for the growth of thin film capacitance market.

2)The film capacitor market is dominated by international companies. Chinese companies have only a place in the market. The high-end field is occupied by the international advanced enterprises, and the Chinese enterprises are more intensive to medium and low-end products.

High-voltage large-capacity film capacitors are high-end products, high technology barriers, high added value, and core technology are mastered by international leaders. The market is dominated by Japan and European and American manufacturers. (Nichicon, EPCOS, KEMET). China's manufacturing technology is still a big gap between international cutting-edge companies. It is difficult to have a piece of tartary in the high-end market in the short term.

3)China's film capacitor manufacturing enterprises will customize transformation to scale

The film capacitors required for new energy vehicles have high customization requirements, and custom products often require greater labor input, and profitability is not necessarily to match the input. Chinese companies can learn from Japanese companies, according to the technological accumulation of technological accumulation in the process of production of universalized products, to significantly reduce the research and development time related to customer needs, while strengthening customer viscosity realizing product production.